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Emerging markets

Emerging equities

China’s transition boosts emerging markets

Emerging equities
China’s transition boosts emerging equities

The rebound in emerging market equities ahead of their global counterparts will continue this year supported by inflows into the asset class, valuation discounts, and EPS that are unexpectedly high, in contrast with the constant downward revisions last year

The rebound in emerging market equities continues this year – with the MSCI Emerging Markets index up by 14.4% and the MSCI World index up by 8.2% year to date.
Yield and rate expectations have gone up in a more measured way, which has had a positive effect on emerging market equities.
Emerging markets' GDP growth is accelerating again this year, with Russia and Brazil out of recession, and the Chinese economy stabilising and exceeding Q1 growth expectations.
China in focus

China’s domestic equity market is volatile and full of uncertainty but never short of investment opportunities. After all, the current situation is the result of the raft of economic reforms meant to enhance the contribution from the tertiary industry. As reforms continue to be implemented, we expect the Chinese economy to undergo a more balanced, inclusive and sustainable development.

Within those reforms, we see the emergence of a new economy. In this “new China”, investment cases are emerging as key targets for long-term investors. Among others, compelling opportunities are appearing in national defence, aerospace, new-energy automobile, medical services, information, intelligence concepts, and technology, media & telecoms.


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