Emerging markets

China’s transition boosts emerging markets

China’s transition boosts emerging markets

What you need to know about emerging markets

Two major sources of pressure on emerging markets – the generalised dollar uptrend and lower commodity prices – have dissipated, contributing to the return of portfolio investments to these markets.
Emerging markets' economic fundamentals improved over the course of last year with more clarity on Chinese policy, evidence of better growth, and economic rebalancing elsewhere.
As a result, both bond and equity markets in emerging countries performed well last year, and we expect them to continue to outperform in the near future.
China in focus

China’s economic transition is well under way, as highlighted by the increasing share of domestic consumption and services in the overall economy. Few investors continue to fear a hard landing, but the size of the country’s debt is a cause for concern.

We expect the government to continue on the path of reforms and to rein in any risk of a banking crisis. This new economy is creating many investment opportunities as well as some challenges in Chinese fixed income and equity markets.

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On 22 June we will be hosting a web conference about our outlook for emerging markets on Planet of finance, the online community dedicated to the wealth management industry. To attend you need to create an account, after which you can move around the platform. Log in on 22 June and go to the site’s virtual auditorium. Please also come and visit our booth to get more info and interact with the community!

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What's next for Emerging Markets?

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Learn more about our emerging market trends on China.

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