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Tax specialist
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COO_Client Documentation & Tax Services

Tax specialist


The Bank’s entire operations are managed by COO Division and are headed up by the Chief Operating Officer. It strives to provide both in-house and external clients with a first-rate service to ensure our business operates efficiently and at the best possible cost. The COO division comprises Operations, Finance, Information Management, Human Resources and Logistics. COO employees are committed to providing, with professionalism and enthusiasm, an efficient, proactive, high-quality service that meets the needs of clients within the context of the Bank’s overall strategy.


As part of the Tax Services team, the Tax specialist is a key element to ensure the quality and accuracy of the withholding/reporting done by the Bank, as a regulatory obligation, in an environment which is subject to constant changes and evolutions.


- Ensure the quality and the accuracy of the withholding/reporting done by the Bank, as a regulatory obligation in an environment which is subject to constant changes and evolutions. - Constant monitoring and reconciliation of the data to be reported daily and yearly depending on the jurisdiction. The tax and regulatory topics include FATCA / QI / CRS / Withholding taxes / MIFID II/ EMIR / FMIA / FINFRAG / Duty to disclose.

Main responsabilities

Regulatory and Tax Reportings

  • Understand regulatory risk sensitivity and has an end-to-end view of the Bank’s flow/process
  • Daily monitoring and control of regulatory reportings (MIFID II / EMIR / FMIA / FINFRAG) sent to the reporting platform(s) (i.e. locals regulators)
  • Correction of consistency issues, update reporting tool’s database
  • Liaising and coordinating with the departments  responsible for the underlying data  for the necessary corrections, explanations, data input and resubmission  of the corrected report(s)
  • Communication with the reporting engine providers (ARM, APA, TR) 
  • Performing regular and ad-hoc reporting related to statistics for internal and external parties
  • Contribute to all testing linked to regulatory and reporting updates
  • Perform monthly reconciliations, quality control and statistics of the data reported
  • Withholding of section 871 (m) taxes and payment to IRS
  • Apply to clients section 305 © taxes
  • QI/FATCA/CRS Data quality control, Reconciliation and Reporting

Withholding tax and Reconciliations

  • Answer inquiries in relation to withholding taxes including QI/FATCA and CRS
  • Reporting and tax payment to authorities (Additional Tax, Swiss Stamp duty, UK Stamp, PTM Levy…)
  • Tax monitoring and levy on clients for specific taxes (Italian, Spanish, Luxemburg … Tax)
  • Reconciliation and analysis of transactions and cash breaks to ensure the quality of tax levy and reporting.
  • Provide support to the front office about tax amounts debited and communicate with custodians and internal bank departments if any investigations are required
  • Perform regular controls on transactions and codification in our systems to ensure that the tax is properly levied and reported.
  • Prepare W8 IMY/withholding certificate/self-certification for Funds on request
  • Prepare documentation for US segregated accounts with Custodians and follow-up of possible requested FATCA taxes reimbursements


  • Education: Bachelor Degree
  • Technical skills: Microsoft Office / Access proficiency


  • Years of experience: 0-3 : beginner
  • Experience in private banking: Mandatory


  • English: Advanced
  • French: Advanced

Personal skills

  • Swiss resident: Mandatory

- Good knowledge of the financial transactions in relation to these taxes and regulations - Knowledge of the documentation to be provided by the clients in relation to these regulations - Ability to efficiently manage priorities - Be able to work independently but also as a team - Express opinions and criticism in a constructive way - Seek opportunities to improve the existing set-up - Think in "Problem-Action-Results" terms - Go beyond specific assignments, walk the extra mile - Consistently comply with internal & external regulations - Maintain quality standards despite schedule pressures

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