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Tax Specialist - Temporary 8 months
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COO_Client Documentation & Tax Services

Tax Specialist - Temporary 8 months


The Bank’s entire operations are managed by COO Division and are headed up by the Chief Operating Officer. It strives to provide both in-house and external clients with a first-rate service to ensure our business operates efficiently and at the best possible cost. The COO division comprises Operations, Finance, Information Management, Human Resources and Logistics. COO employees are committed to providing, with professionalism and enthusiasm, an efficient, proactive, high-quality service that meets the needs of clients within the context of the Bank’s overall strategy.


The Tax Specialist is a key element to offer the withholding services to the Bank Clients. The employee main mission is to make sure the best quality of service is provided and coordinate the work between the different departments of the bank.


The challenges will be to offer a good level of services to the bank's clients and to the front office.

Main responsibilities

Main duties

  •       Act as the Single Point of Contact (SPOC) of the team for the Front Office and other departments of the Bank.
  •           Handle all queries addressed to the team main mail box and phone calls, either directly or by dispatching it to the relevant team(s).
  •           Make sure an accurate feedback is provided to the requestor by answering in a timely manner to any demands related to his/her mission and duties.
  •           Set up the relief at source opportunities with internal departments and our custodians.  
  •           Manage cashbreaks on different taxes (Italian taxes on accrued interests, CH stamp duty, FTTs, Canadian and US additional tax).
  •           Answer to disclosure requests according to the deadlines (SRD2 regulation / Tax authorities / Companies).
  •           Perform regular and ad-hoc reporting related to statistics and KPIs.
  •        Act as a business partner by bringing his/her expertise and the relevant support and input to the other departments of the bank (Front Office, Compliance, Legal…) when required (on a complex situation, on the implementation of new regulations or bank’s decisions, new projects).
  •           Make sure any issue is raised appropriately to the Management depending on the risk.


Core competencies

 Open mind and team orientation:

  • Be open to other’s ideas.
  • Always balance personal and team interests keeping in mind that the Bank’s interest are the priority.
  • Express and accept constructive criticism.

 Innovation and development:

  • Propose and seek improvement of the current tools and processes.
  • Be positive towards change and seek opportunities to improve the quality of the working environment.
  • Conitunuously work on knowledge improvement.

 Corporate culture:

  • Be ‘solution oriented’ and have a strong sense of customer services.
  • Be proactive and driven.
  • Developp and maintain a relationship network within the various Bank departments.
  • Comply consistently with internal and external regulations.


  • Education: Bachelor Degree
  • Certification: Degree in Accounting, Finance, Tax (or equivalent)
  • Technical skills: Good knowledge with Excel, pivot table
  • IT Tools: Ms office


  • Years of experience: 3-7 : intermediate
  • Experience required: Minimum of 3 years Banking experience in Tax services
  • Experience in private banking: Preferred


  • French: Fluent
  • English: Fluent (German, Italian, Spanish is a plus)

Personal skills

  • Swiss resident: Mandatory

  • Knowledge of Financial instruments (Equities, Bonds, Structured products, Derivatives Listed or OTC…), their features and specific characteristics
  • Able to work under a fast paced environment and being dedicated
  • Knowledge of income and gains taxation for European countries
  • Coordinate and drive various departments to reach a common target
  • Ability to efficiently manage priorities
  • Be able to work independently but also as a team
  • Express opinions and criticism in a constructive way
  • Go beyond specific assignments, walk the extra mile
  • Maintain quality standards despite schedule pressures
  • Strong Microsoft office knowledge
  • Strong communication skills

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