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According to the investment outlook, we put together an asset allocation that takes into account the latest macroeconomic updates, specific risk profiles and reference currencies. Our most recent global macroeconomic views, asset-class outlook and asset allocation grids are published on a monthly basis.


  • GLOBAL TACTICAL ASSET ALLOCATION - Diversification and downside protection are key to cushioning our portfolios from rising market volatility
  • UBP ECONOMIC OUTLOOK - A still sustained activity around the globe in H1-18
  • UBP ECONOMIC OUTLOOK - Rising inflation and tighter monetary policy looking forward
  • GLOBAL EQUITIES - Entering a new volatility regime
  • GLOBAL BONDS - Non-directional strategies should benefit from rising interest rates
  • GLOBAL PORTFOLIO POSITIONING - Adding protection through products with asymmetric risk-return profile
  • RECENT PORTFOLIO CHANGES - Risk management through diversification and structured solutions

Key Convictions

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Asset Allocation

March 2018

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