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Relationship Manager EAM
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WM_ External Asset Manager

Relationship Manager EAM


Union Bancaire Privée (UBP) is one of the largest family-owned private banks in the world. But what makes UBP really unique is its corporate culture, which combines modernity and tradition. Although UBP was founded in 1969, its origins can be traced back to the 17th century and the start of a long line of financiers and diplomats of whom Edgar de Picciotto and his descendants are the successors. Today, the Bank's staff draw their inspiration and drive from the founding family's subtle blend of strong moral values and pragmatism, which to this day remain the key to UBP’s success. // As it plays such a major part in our strategy, we are investing significantly in Wealth Management to fuel our growth, particularly in Europe (onshore), the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Latin America and Asia. We provide a complete range of private banking products and services, including a variety of investment management and advisory mandates, tailored to our clients's specific requirements, objectives and risk profiles. Among UBP professional partners, over 300 independent asset managers have chosen us as their custodian bank, valuing our personalised, flexible services and our transparent fee structure.


Serve, develop and expand the client base, in compliance with the Bank’s internal regulations and guidelines.



Main responsabilities


I. Relations with private clients and marketing (in strict compliance with the regulatory

framework, the Bank’s Cross-Border rules and the Bank’s internal directives)

1. Develops and promote private banking activities to existing clients, with the aim of positioning the

Bank as “reference bank” for its clients;

2. Cultivates relationships with clients (both managed and advisory) to ensure a high level of client


3. Prospects for new relationships, both through existing clients and through a network of business

finders, targeting the Bank’s priority markets and particularly the team’s (BU/area) core markets;

4. Assesses clients’ potential and needs and regularly obtain client/prospect references;

5. Contribute to the regularisation of clients’ tax situations in consultation with the Wealth Planning


6. Ensures that the contractual documents signed by the clients and the supporting paperwork are

up-to-date and comply with the Bank’s internal directives, taking into account the client’s profile

and types of transactions.

II. Transaction executions, discretionary management mandates, advisory mandates and

client queries

1. Ensures clients’ transactions/instructions/requests (stock market orders, transfers, tax report

requests, product information, etc.) are executed/addressed correctly and swiftly;

2. Ensure that the necessary checks have been carried out before initiating or authorising fund

outflows (transfers, securities settlements, cash for collection);

3. Ensures best possible execution for clients stock exchange orders in terms of price, time and

quantity in strict compliance with the Bank’s Investment Suitability rules ;

4. Ensures adequacy between clients’ investments and their risk profiles

5. Ensures the Bank’s investment strategy is applied and the asset management policy’s

implementation regulations adhered to in the case of discretionary asset management mandates

not centrally managed;

6. Ensures advice given as part of an advisory mandate is documented and consistent with clients’

risk profiles;

7. Records all transactions and client contact in the Bank’s data systems (transaction reports,

contact reports, CMS declarations, etc.), as required by internal directives.

III. Commercial goals

1. Ensures completion of his objectives (KPI) in terms of profitability, inflows and product/service


2. Negotiates fees with clients within the defined remit and regularly reassess preferential fees.

IV. Supervision and checks

1. Supervises and checkes any reporting assistant relationship manager’s work, where applicable;

2. Carries out first-level checks as per internal directives;

3. Escalates to Line Management, Head of PB, Compliance, where applicable, of transactions or

situations putting the Bank at risk.

V. Compliance with regulations and internal directives

1. Knows and applies internal directives, in particular with regard to:

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a. Entering into business relations with clients, contacts/relations with clients (existing or

prospective), and related documentation;

b. Anti-money-laundering;

c. Cross-border policy;

d. Investment policy;

e. Investment Suitability;

f. Documenting client contact/visits;

g. Executing transactions, responding to client queries and documenting such activity;

h. Business travels;

2. Knows and applies banking laws and regulations (SBA directives, FINMA circulars, Money-

Laundering Act, Code of Obligations, Federal Law on Banks, Collective Investment Schemes Act,


3. Knows and applies specific rules (regarding products, taxes) in force in clients’ core markets,

based on the reference documents made available by the Bank or, where required, on the

Group’s expertise (e.g. the Tax team, Investment Advisory, Wealth Planning).

VI. Training and duty to keep informed

1. Attends the Bank’s compulsory in-house training sessions and, where applicable, external

courses upon the Bank’s request;

2. Keeps being informed of political, economic and legal events/news that could have any incidence,

direct or indirect, on the management of clients’ accounts.


  • Education: Bachelor Degree


  • Years of experience: 7-10 : senior
  • Experience in private banking: Mandatory


  • English: Fluent
  • French: Fluent
  • Other: Advanced (Spanish or any other language)

Personal skills

  • Swiss resident: Mandatory

Be proactive and driven Show strong client service ethic Adaptability, self-motivation and team work Build lasting client relationships

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