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  2. Embracing regenerative agriculture for sustainable growth
Insight 21.05.2024

Embracing regenerative agriculture for sustainable growth

Embracing regenerative agriculture for sustainable growth

UBP’s impact team believes in the pivotal role regenerative agriculture has to play in addressing environmental challenges and fostering long-term prosperity. This theme can provide fertile ground for investors looking at impact investing.

In today’s ever-evolving financial landscape, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword—it’s a guiding principle for forward-thinking investors. This is why we are integrating sustainability into our investment strategies to drive positive environmental and social impact while delivering robust financial returns for our clients.

One key area of focus for our Impact team is regenerative agriculture—a transformative approach to farming that prioritises soil health, biodiversity conservation, and carbon sequestration. In aligning our investment strategies with global biodiversity and pollution reduction targets, we invest in companies at the forefront of sustainable agricultural practices.

Our commitment to regenerative agriculture extends beyond mere investment—it’s a strategic imperative. By supporting companies which champion precision agriculture technologies and regenerative farming practices, we are not only driving environmental stewardship but also tapping into investment opportunities that are worth considering.

Furthermore, we believe that corporate sustainability initiatives are also crucial. Companies like Ahold, with their robust carbon emission reduction and food waste management strategies, align seamlessly with our sustainability objectives. Moreover, we recognise that emerging sectors, such as alternative protein and recycled plastic pure-plays, are exploring innovative solutions that promise both a positive environmental impact and financial returns.

Adopting a thematic approach in our strategy, we target biodiversity protection and restoration through initiatives such as the circular economy, planet-compatible utilities, and sustainable natural resource management. Sub-themes, like change enablers, planet-friendly diets, and sustainable food production, guide our investment decisions, ensuring alignment with our overarching sustainability goals.

By embracing regenerative agriculture and other sustainable investment opportunities, we are looking to contribute to a more resilient future while delivering financial returns for our clients.

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Charlie Anniss Charlie Anniss
Co-Head of Impact Investing

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