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Comunicati stampa 13.03.2017

UBI becomes UBP Asset Management (France)

UBI becomes UBP Asset Management (France)

Union Bancaire Privée (UBP) has announced that its French asset management subsidiary has changed its trade name. Formerly known as UBI, on 1 March 2017 it became UBP Asset Management (France).

Based in Paris since 1998 and made up of a team of twenty professionals dedicated to managing assets for institutional clients, this subsidiary has EUR 4.4 billion in assets under management, of which around two thirds comes from international clients. In the course of just a few years, UBP Asset Management (France) has become one of the European leaders in convertible bond management and is now being positioned as UBP Group’s eurozone hub for managing mandates on behalf of institutional clients.

“This change of name emphasisesthe fact that our subsidiary is a member of the UBP Group and forms part of the growth strategy for the eurozone asset management hub. The goal of UBP Asset Management (France) is to respond to the needs of institutional investors, making particular use of its skills in the field of convertible bond management, as well as by using the breadth of the Group’s offering, along with its specific expertise in certain asset classes, such as European equities, absolute performance fixed-income management and emerging debt,” said Dominique Leprévots, Chairman of UBP Asset Management (France).

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