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EAM Operations specialist
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EAM Operations specialist


Contribute to the operational excellence of the service provided by EAM Operations to the External As set Managers and the end-clients.



Main responsibilities

  • Be able to process, input, review, validate, monitor and report on operations of the following fields:
    • cash and security transfers
    • means of payments (cards, etc.)
    • stock exchange
    • derivatives
    • structured products
    • loans
    • fiduciary deposits
    • forex
  • Step in on the day-to-day accounts management duties (covering overdrafts, account closures, etc.)
  • Maintain excellent professional relationships with the External Asset Managers; manage expectations, meet deadlines, quality of the delivery
  • Perform regular controls, checks and reconciliations on the activity run
  • Implement professional operational processes within the team; contribute to increase expertise, reliability and efficiency of the whole team.


  • Education: Bachelor Degree


  • Years of experience: 3-7 : intermediate
  • Experience required: experience in a similar role within an operation team (preference for Securities area)
  • Experience in private banking: Mandatory


  • English: Fluent
  • French: Fluent

Personal skills

  • Swiss resident: Mandatory

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