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UBP dans la presse 17.10.2022

Swiss banks: challenges posed by sanctions

Le Temps (10.2022) - Almost eight months after war broke out in Ukraine, the Swiss finance industry has sufficient perspective to draw initial lessons from the application of sanctions against Russia and Belarus.

Expertise 11.10.2022

Global food supply disruption: “Ultimately, the market will work”

John Neppl, Chief Financial Officer of Bunge, an international leader in the agribusiness and food space, was invited to share his insights at UBP’s latest EXPERT SERIES webinar. This interactive session was hosted by Norman Villamin, CIO Wealth Management at UBP, and included Marc Elliott, Investment Specialist Energy Transition at UBP.

Communiqués de presse 05.10.2022

L'UBP développe son offre dans l’immobilier gouvernemental

L’UBP annonce avoir opéré, au travers de parts de sociétés, l’achat de deux actifs d’une surface totale de 70’000 m² en Belgique pour le compte de sa stratégie dédiée à l’immobilier gouvernemental européen. Loués par le Ministère des Affaires étrangères du Royaume de Belgique, les deux immeubles se situent dans le centre de Bruxelles.

Expertise 03.10.2022

Global banks: the policemen of the energy transition

The decarbonisation challenge facing the planet is a simple concept; the practical implementation of change is, however, horribly complex.

UBP dans la presse 29.09.2022

UBP: la banque suisse et ses intégrations scandinaves

Paperjam (27.09) - Suite aux acquisitions des équipes et de la clientèle de Banque Carnegie Luxembourg et de Danske Bank International, l’Union Bancaire Privée a renforcé sa position au Luxembourg pour une clientèle transfrontalière. Patrick Casters, CEO de l’UBP (Europe) SA, et Johnny Bisgaard, deputy CEO, décrivent ce «hub européen».

Corporate 29.09.2022

UBP supports Building Bridges 2022

UBP once again supported Building Bridges, Switzerland’s leading sustainable finance conference, organised by Sustainable Finance Geneva (SFG) in collaboration with Swiss Sustainable Finance (SSF).

Expertise 27.09.2022

New market regime favours alternatives

In this white paper, we explore why alternatives can provide opportunities for investors in today’s market environment.

UBP dans la presse 26.09.2022

The Rise of Fiscal Dominance

Hong Kong Economic Journal (09.2022) - The global economy is now increasingly dominated by fiscal policy, creating a hugely different investment landscape.

Actualités les plus lues

Expertise 15.06.2022

Investment Outlook 2022 – mid-year update

The investment landscape has changed substantially in the last six months: conflict has broken out in Ukraine, leading to various geopolitical and social ramifications, and inflationary pressure has been rising and remains a concern across many regions.

Communiqués de presse 18.07.2022

Résultats semestriels 2022

L’Union Bancaire Privée annonce un bénéfice net de CHF 112,6 millions au premier semestre 2022

Corporate 29.09.2022

UBP supports Building Bridges 2022

UBP once again supported Building Bridges, Switzerland’s leading sustainable finance conference, organised by Sustainable Finance Geneva (SFG) in collaboration with Swiss Sustainable Finance (SSF).

UBP dans la presse 22.09.2022

Rate rise expectations are hammering gold

Finanz und Wirtschaft (17.09.2022) - In August, gold prices started off with a rise, following the publication of lower US inflation data than expected.

UBP dans la presse 14.09.2022

UBP sees opportunities in Singapore's growing family office landscape

Citywire Asia (12.09.2022) - Singapore’s growth as a family office hub is an opportunity for Union Bancaire Privée (UBP), which has been historically associated with them in Europe.

Expertise 05.09.2022

How can agricultural machinery optimisation help cut global emissions?

CO2 emissions from the agricultural sector account for 20% of total global emissions.

UBP dans la presse 01.09.2022

Defining and then Refining the Right Business Model for Success

Hubbis (01.09.2022) - Wealth management in Asia is constantly evolving, and the world today is very different from the environment faced as little as a year ago.

Expertise 10.08.2022

China: Politburo drops GDP target and decrees stability in H2 2022

GDP growth bottomed in Q2 and should recover around 5.0% y/y in H2 2022. The July Politburo meeting confirmed this, stressing “stability” and dropping the 5.5% GDP growth target. We maintain our forecast for 2022 unchanged at 3.7%.

UBP dans la presse 05.08.2022

La Suisse, modèle de résilience face aux défis actuels

Le Temps (08.2022) - Le premier semestre 2022 restera-t-il comme celui où tout a basculé ? On pourrait le croire vu l’état d’esprit qui prévalait cet hiver.

Expertise 04.08.2022

Banking on the transition – no net zero without lenders’ support

Whether high-income banks in developed countries or microlenders in emerging markets, the banking sector and its alliances will be indispensable in decarbonising the economy and ensuring a fair transition to net zero emissions.

UBP dans la presse 19.07.2022

Chinese onshore convertible bonds: the hidden gem?

Financial Investigator (06.2022) - The Chinese domestic convertible bond market has increased exponentially to become the second largest globally. This happened almost unnoticed. This development deserves a closer look.