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Expertise 16.05.2022

UBP Investment Insight Summit 2022

On 11 & 12 May, our Asset Management division held its third Investment Insight Summit in Zurich.

Expertise 02.05.2022

How will consumption patterns change with the next generation?

Demographic patterns and changes are a key driver of demand and consumption of goods.

Expertise 22.04.2022

Asia tech: fertile ground for investment opportunities

Shifting consumption patterns are spearheading the growth of the digital economy in Asia.

Expertise 21.04.2022

China: Headwinds remain in place for Q2 as PBOC delays easing

Shanghai has entered its fourth week under lockdown, as authorities aim to clamp down on an outbreak of the omicron BA.2 variant. Other cities have also been impacted, with these areas accounting for 17% of China’s GDP.

Expertise 13.04.2022

The meaning of positive nutrition

In this report, we explore the meaning of positive nutrition, how achievable global nutritional goals are and, ultimately, how we invest in nutrition that is positive for people and planet.

Expertise 13.04.2022

Demonstrating how nature-related risks can impact investors

UBP joined forces with Deutsche Bank to address how the transition to a sustainable and resilient food system affects fertiliser company valuations in a contribution to the CISL’s latest report.

Actualités les plus lues

Expertise 19.11.2021

UBP Investment Outlook 2022

Embracing Change

Communiqués de presse 21.01.2022

Résultats annuels 2021

Le bénéfice net de l’Union Bancaire Privée s’inscrit à CHF 201,2 millions, en progression de 10,9%.

Communiqués de presse 10.02.2022

L'UBP étend ses activités sur les marchés privés

L’Union Bancaire Privée, UBP SA (UBP) renforce son pôle immobilier au sein de son département consacré aux activités sur les marchés privés, Private Markets Group (PMG), avec le recrutement d’une équipe spécialisée dans l’immobilier gouvernemental, et le lancement d’une première stratégie centrée sur l’immobilier gouvernemental.

Expertise 06.04.2022

Stratégie d’impact: répondre aux enjeux de la biodiversité

L’UBP a été partenaire de la conférence Biodiversité de L’Agefi, qui s’est tenue au Jardin des Plantes à Paris le 31 mars dernier.

Expertise 05.04.2022

Major headwinds for the growth cycle

The global economy remains resilient despite negative momentum in Q1 & Q2. UBP’s economists Patrice Gautry and Carlos Casanova take a tour of the macro scenario around the world.

Expertise 04.04.2022

Investing in private markets – History and Rationale

We expect private market assets to offer a credible alternative which can serve to not only diversify but as importantly augment portfolio returns.

Expertise 01.04.2022

Equities: selectivity is a must

Equities remain an asset class of choice, but selectivity is more important than ever in a tough economic climate. UBP’s experts share their thoughts on key themes.

Expertise 15.03.2022

Asia: Rising energy prices will hasten policy tightening in the region

Even though Asian economies have not endorsed sanctions, the Russia–Ukraine conflict will still have major impacts on the macroeconomic backdrop in the region.

Expertise 09.03.2022

Pourquoi et comment investir dans les marchés privés ?

Des taux d'intérêt historiquement bas et des valorisations boursières élevées ont déclenché des flux d'investissement sans précédent en direction des marchés privés.

Expertise 07.03.2022

Ghosts of the 1970s

Nearly 50 years ago, a long simmering conflict reignited with the Fourth Arab-Israeli War culminating in a global energy shock and kicking off the 1970s stagflationary era.

Expertise 03.03.2022

UBP and Blue Earth Capital seal strategic partnership and hold a successful first closing for Climate Growth Strategy

BlueEarth’s Climate Growth Strategy aims to support growth companies which address global environmental challenges in areas such as energy transition, electrification, industrial process optimisation and the circular economy.