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  2. Protecting the environment

Protecting the environment

Protecting the environment

Our product offering is just one aspect of our commitment to a sustainable world. However, of equal importance to us is managing UBP’s social and environmental footprint.

UBP is a pioneer of impact investing, which is playing an increasingly important role in investment management, as it seeks out sectors and companies that have a positive effect on the planet and society while offering attractive, long-term return potential. UBP’s Impact Investing platform comprises two strategies: one focused on developed market equities and one on emerging markets.

Reducing our carbon footprint

Taking the view that a target needs to be measured if it is to be achieved, UBP has started calculating its carbon footprint with the intention of offsetting it in 2021 and reducing it by a quarter by 2025. To achieve this goal, we have embarked on an ambitious, ten-year programme to renovate most of our buildings in Geneva. This initiative will substantially improve the energy efficiency of our premises and is part of our commitment to making our operations more sustainable. Other measures involve a thorough rethink of our day-to-day operations with a view to stamping out single-use plastics, reducing our consumption of electricity, water and paper, and limiting travel-related emissions. Additionally, UBP’s head office has been fully powered by renewable, locally sourced energy since 2019.


Much of the global economy depends on natural systems – climate stability, ocean health and soil quality – working properly. Increasing damage to ecosystems is worrying for environmental reasons, but it also presents significant business risks, potentially hampering activities and value chains, on top of causing volatility in the prices of raw materials. System disruption creates physical liabilities,transition risks for businesses left behind in the shift towards environmental protection, as well as the risk of litigation arising from exposure to sectors challenged for their role in the loss of biodiversity. Assessing these risks is essential for human wellbeing.

We believe that biodiversity will take centre stage in the coming years as the financial industry finds a way to assess investments for their positive or negative impacts on biodiversity. UBP therefore engages actively with peers and asset owners to collaborate on environmental and biodiversity issues, such as the reversal of nature loss, and the prevention of land degradation and deforestation. UBP’s objective is to understand how companies address and manage biodiversity issues, as well as to encourage best practice and better disclosure on this topic.

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