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Direct Investments
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UBP’s Direct Investments Group is an exclusive service dedicated to experienced investors with an entrepreneurial mindset. We specialise in helping our most sophisticated clients add private-market investments to their overall asset allocation.

The team focuses on investment opportunities in sectors including (but not limited to) private equity, real estate, aviation, intellectual property and renewable energy, with a clear preference for tangible assets generating recurrent cash flows. Additionally, with in-depth experience in operations and strategic matters, the group specialises in resolving liquidity issues, finding structural investment solutions, and realising several exceptional requests, such as secondaries, complex real-estate transactions, and client-to-client collateralised loans.

While private markets’ traditional allocation components are often characterised by a lack of liquidity and decade-long, locked-in investment periods, UBP Direct Investments Group strongly favours short- and medium-term opportunities with a potential exit within three to five years after the initial investment.

Thanks to our well-connected, global network, we act as our clients’ portal to an extensive and eclectic portfolio of opportunities in the private-market space.

Our services cover a wide scope (subject to local regulations) and enable us to:

  • Source opportunities through our extensive network
  • Introduce you to like-minded co-investors and partners
  • Lead you to external advisors to structure your unique transactions
  • Find, when available, suitable exit strategies to maximise returns, and ensure timely after-sales support

We tailor our offer to your own risk appetite, interests and regulatory constraints. Risks are, of course, inherent to any entrepreneurial investment and you will be required to take all necessary steps to assess the risks of these investment opportunities.

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