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UBP Investment Management (Shanghai) Limited (“UBP China”) was set up on 31 December 2014 as a joint venture between a group of experienced investment professionals and Union Bancaire Privée (“UBP”). With registered capital of RMB 30 million (USD 4.9 million), UBP China is a company incorporated with limited liability in China, and was registered as a private investment fund manager with the Asset Management Association of China (AMAC) on 11 March 2015.


The UBP China office provides two main investment strategies:

Equity strategy

  • A long-term strategy which works to provide absolute and relative returns using proprietary models to identify equities with long-term alpha.
  • A long-only strategy.
  • Positions are held for long periods compared to most competitors. With the emphasis on fundamental research, the lower turnover rate results in enhanced performance, especially in volatile markets (it should be noted that past performance is never a guarantee of future results).

Quantitative strategy

  • This applies proprietary quantitative models designed in-house to deliver stable returns.
  • The option replication strategy generates corporate value which is quite distinct in the industry.

Investor benefits

  • UBP China provides tailor-made services for qualifying mandates and products.
  • UBP China is highly transparent and constantly in touch with its investors, through frequent telephone calls and detailed reports on strategy and positioning.
  • The joint venture combines strong local knowledge and an understanding of investment needs with UBP’s large international network and extensive resources. This gives investors greater access to global information and strategies.

Corporate features

An on-the-ground investment team in China

  • UBP China has a team of renowned investment professionals with extensive experience and a proven track record.
  • The CIO is a manager with vast experience of equity investment.
  • Its Shanghai office has substantial investment resources.
  • It has a team dedicated to A-share equities.
  • The office is experienced in managing various financial instruments, including – but not limited to – equities, derivatives, the fixed-income segment, and money markets

Proven risk management framework

  • A veteran global risk management team based in Geneva implements risk and compliance controls.
  • The Global Risk Committee provides additional oversight.

Global investment presence

  • UBP China has access to an extensive global network of investment teams which generate investment ideas and share market information.

The investment management team

The investment management team brings together 21 experienced professionals, who cover investments, research, sales, marketing and compliance.

  • Tian Rencan, CEO of UBP China, has over 25 years of experience in finance. Prior to setting up UBP China, Tian worked for almost twelve years as CEO of HFT Investment Management Co., Ltd., a joint venture between a local securities house and BNP Paribas Investment Partners. Tian’s achievements are highly regarded throughout the industry. During his time with HFT, he received several industry awards, including the Shanghai Leading Talent in 2011, Asia Asset Management’s CEO of the Year 2009, Money Weekly’s Best Social Responsibility CEO in 2009, and hexun.com’s Most Outstanding CEO in 2005.

Corporate structure


Contact us

UBP Investment Management (Shanghai) Limited
Room 1205, 12/F
Bank of East Asia Finance Tower
66 Hua Yuan Shi Qiao Road
Tel: +8621 2062 9980 | www.ubpsh.com


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Fraudulent Website Notification

Union Bancaire Privée, UBP SA ("UBP" or “the Bank”) would like to alert all clients and the public to fraudulent websites detected by UBP listed below. UBP would like to advise that these websites have no affiliation or connection whatsoever with the Bank.

Date of detection Fraudulent Website Address
July 25, 2022 ubpassetmanagers[.]com
June 20, 2022 ebanking[.]ubp[.]re
June 20, 2022 ubpassetmanagement[.]com
June 7, 2022 www[.]ubp-online[.]com/
June 2, 2022 @ubp-am.net
June 2, 2022 prénom-nom@ubp-am.net
May 31, 2022 ubpassetmangement[.]com
May 19, 2022 prénom.nom[@]ubp-france.net
February 10, 2022 ubp-france[.]net
February 2, 2022 client-am-ubp[.]com/users/sign_in
February 1, 2022 am-ubp[.]com
November 17, 2021 Ubp-france[.]com
November 5, 2021 Ubp[.]re
October 26, 2021 ibank[.]unibponline[.]com
October 25, 2021 Ubp-investments[.]com
October 25, 2021 unionbancaireonline[.]com
August 20, 2021 www.ubp-wm[.]com
June 23, 2021 ubp-clientportal[.]com/login
May 17, 2021 ubponline[.]com
April 7, 2021 kaspib[.]com
February 23, 2021 https://www.ubp-hk[.]com
February 5, 2021 http://www.ubpsingapore[.]com and http://www.ubphk[.]com
October 12, 2020 https://ubpinvestment.org/ch/
September 7, 2020 www.union-bgi.com
July 28, 2020 ub-gi.com
July 24, 2020 ubpinvest.org
June 8, 2020 westoncapitalbank.com
June 4, 2020 http://ubpinvest.com
June 3, 2020 ubpdirect.com
May 26, 2020 www.e-ubp.com

UBP has taken action deemed necessary and appropriate to protect the interests of its customers, the general public and the Bank. Any clients who have provided personal information or have conducted any financial transactions through these websites, are kindly requested to immediately report to the local Police and to contact their UBP relationship manager or Union Bancaire Privée, UBP SA at +41 58 819 21 11.


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