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Corporate 07.02.2022

UBP signs up to the CDP

In an effort to drive greater transparency on environmental risks and opportunities, UBP recently became a signatory to the CDP (ex Carbon Disclosure Project) – a global non-profit that runs the world’s leading environmental disclosure platform.

Press Releases 03.02.2022

UBP partners with Bain Capital Public Equity to widen its liquid alternative and ESG offering

Union Bancaire Privée, UBP SA (“UBP”) announced today that it has onboarded its first Article 8 strategy on its alternative UCITS platform. 

Insight 02.02.2022

Family-owned businesses: Skin in the game

Family-owned companies have outperformed the indices over the long term thanks to their unwavering focus on long-term value creation.

Insight 01.02.2022

What follows one of the worst Januarys in history?

The S&P 500 is on track for one of its worst January performances looking as far back as 1929. With only ten other years of a January fall of > 5%, similarities and differences can help us to understand what might lie ahead for investors over the balance of the year.

UBP in the press 28.01.2022

Wealth management in China is a “golden opportunity”

Asian Private Banker (19.01.2022) -  After overseeing a more than doubling of Union Bancaire Privée’s (UBP) AUM in Asia over the last five years, Michael Blake is targeting discretionary portfolio management (DPM), private markets and China onshore for the next phase of growth at the Swiss pure-play.

UBP in the press 27.01.2022

Fixed Income Outlook 2022: positive on credit

Institutional Money (21.01.2022) - For most of the past year, we have been cautious on interest rates and positive on credit. As we look ahead to 2022, we continue to maintain these views.

UBP in the press 27.01.2022

Gold – Increasing downside risks

Finanz und Wirtschaft (22.01.2022) - Since the start of the year, gold prices have traded in a tight range between USD 1,780 and USD 1,830 per ounce.

UBP in the press 26.01.2022

"Rate rises will have a positive impact"

L'Agefi - Pascal Schmuck (26.01.2022) - Geneva bank UBP has published strong results for 2021 despite the pandemic. The CEO Guy de Picciotto looks ahead at the year that has just started.

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Press Releases 18.07.2022

First half-year results 2022

Union Bancaire Privée reports net profit of CHF 112.6 million for the first half of 2022

Insight 15.06.2022

Investment Outlook 2022 – mid-year update

The investment landscape has changed substantially in the last six months: conflict has broken out in Ukraine, leading to various geopolitical and social ramifications, and inflationary pressure has been rising and remains a concern across many regions.

Corporate 11.05.2022

UBP shows support for the EU’s green energy transition

UBP has joined over 120 businesses calling on the EU to accelerate the transition from fossil fuels to a clean energy future.

Insight 25.01.2022

AI and blockchain: A match made in the Metaverse

The Metaverse represents a new evolution of the internet based on 3D interoperable virtual worlds. Artificial intelligence and blockchain will play a major role in powering digital avatars and allowing users to monetise their content.

Press Releases 21.01.2022

Annual results 2021

Union Bancaire Privée posts net earnings of CHF 201.2 million, up 10.9%.

UBP in the press 19.01.2022

«The Fed will be selling bonds faster than 2017»

Finanz und Wirtschaft (17.01.2022) - Norman Villamin, CIO Wealth Management of Union Bancaire Privée, expects a radical shift in monetary policy. A tightening cycle is less bad for equities than for bonds and gold, he says.

Corporate 18.01.2022

Innovative climate finance: UBP partners with the Swiss Climate Foundation

UBP is kicking off the new year with an exciting new partnership. 

Insight 18.01.2022

Positive outlook and improving fundamentals

Macro and micro conditions in 2022 should be positive for credit markets, says Mohammed Kazmi, Portfolio Manager and Macro Strategist, in this podcast with Bernard McGrath, Senior Investment Specialist.

UBP in the press 17.01.2022

Building new pillars of growth in Asia on solid wealth management foundations

Hubbis (10.01.2022) - Having more than doubled its assets under management (AUM) since 2016, UBP's wealth and asset management businesses at the end of 2020 managed more than USD 30 billion across Asia.

Insight 14.01.2022

Towards a Net Zero Emissions Economy with Green Bonds

The market for green and social bond issued by financial and non-financial companies is booming.

Corporate 13.01.2022

UBP supports the performing arts with comédie partnership

As UBP continues to support local cultural endeavours, we are pleased to announce our most recent project: a partnership with Comédie de Genève for the next three seasons.