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Insight 25.01.2022

AI and blockchain: A match made in the Metaverse

The Metaverse represents a new evolution of the internet based on 3D interoperable virtual worlds. Artificial intelligence and blockchain will play a major role in powering digital avatars and allowing users to monetise their content.

Insight 18.01.2022

Positive outlook and improving fundamentals

Macro and micro conditions in 2022 should be positive for credit markets, says Mohammed Kazmi, Portfolio Manager and Macro Strategist, in this podcast with Bernard McGrath, Senior Investment Specialist.

Insight 14.01.2022

Towards a Net Zero Emissions Economy with Green Bonds

The market for green and social bond issued by financial and non-financial companies is booming.

Insight 11.01.2022

Emerging market fixed income: An asset class of choice for 2022

Despite waning global growth momentum and rising inflation, strong fundamentals and relative valuations are offering compelling arguments for a strategic allocation to emerging market fixed income.

Insight 06.01.2022

The pillars behind ‘Swiss-made’ excellence

Global consumers’ everyday lives are shaped by Swiss products and services at different levels and in various aspects. Our experts dive into the secret behind “Swiss-made” quality.

Insight 21.12.2021

UBP Asset Management (Europe) joins the Race to Zero

This month, UBP Asset Management (Europe) joined the Net Zero Asset Managers initiative, reflecting its commitment to supporting the transition to a net-zero future by mid-century.

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Insight 14.10.2021

Investing in biodiversity – why and how

Biodiversity is the variety of life on earth at all levels, from genes to ecosystems, plants and animals. This abundance of life is crucial to the health and survival of our planet.

Corporate 07.10.2021

UBP partners up for Building Bridges

A cross-sectoral push for sustainable finance

Insight 19.11.2021

UBP Investment Outlook 2022

Embracing Change

Insight 16.12.2021

Investing amidst the inflection in the fed policy cycle

The surge in inflation in 2021 combined with the sharp fall in unemployment leaves two of the US Federal Reserve’s key policy objectives within reach as the year comes to a close.

Insight 10.12.2021

Reshaping the European Union

The global pandemic has allowed the European Union to lay a new foundation upon which it can build to bring about greater integration in the years ahead.

Insight 26.11.2021

The strong performance potential of Swiss small and mid-cap equities

The Swiss small- and mid-cap (also known as “SMID-cap”) universe offers a balanced and diversified exposure to companies with long-term value-creation potential. Active managers can create significant added value through a disciplined stock-selection process.

Insight 22.11.2021

CRISPR: the implications of gene editing

In the latest episode of UBP’s Expert series, Norman Villamin, CIO Wealth Management and Pierre Corby, Equity Analyst Healthcare, invited Dr Samarth Kulkarni, CEO of CRISPR Therapeutics, to discuss the challenges and investment opportunities offered by medical innovation, specifically in the field of gene editing.

Insight 19.11.2021

UBP Investment Outlook 2022

Embracing Change

Insight 17.11.2021

COP 26 follow-up

The 2015 Paris Agreement called for a 5-year cycle of updates on nationally determined contributions (NDC). This latest update would have occurred in 2020 but was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Insight 11.11.2021

The battle against stagflation

Having been dormant for nearly 50 years, the term ‘stagflation’ has once again re-entered investors’ lexicon and with it a concern of a lost decade like the one faced by investors in the US in the 1970s.

Insight 08.11.2021

China: The factors behind weaker growth in 2022

The Chinese economy is facing headwinds leading into 2022, including: 1) Ongoing regulatory crackdown; 2) Exposure to COVID outbreaks; 3) A slump in the housing sector; and 4) Power shortages over the winter months.