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With more than 40% of the global market capitalisation, the US market must remain an important part of any asset allocation for investors seeking to generate long-term returns.


Unlike emerging markets, for which corporate governance and overall sentiment could prove challenging from time to time, the US remains the best place to invest in terms of liquidity and transparency.

The US market has proven its solidity over the last twenty years and corporate America has demonstrated its capacity to react very quickly to economic and financial crises.

  • US companies are showing free cash flow at all-time highs, deleveraged balance sheets and efficient cost structures.
  • Corporate share buy-backs are providing the market with a solid bedrock.
  • Merger & acquisition activity is acting as a catalyst to help drive up equity markets.
  • Equity valuations remain reasonable, with significant potential for improvement.


UBP has partnered up with recognised, class-leading managers for its US equity market exposure. These managers cover the small- and mid-cap, and value sectors; each manager has a specific investment philosophy and a dedicated management team with extensive experience.

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With a team of more than 200 people, UBP Asset Management has built an on-the-ground presence in the world’s major markets through organic growth and selected partnerships.

Insight 01.02.2018

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