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Fund of funds

There is no magic formula when it comes to selecting a good fund manager. A sound knowledge of the financial environment and the market structure are excellent starting points to make good decisions for a fund of funds portfolio.

No single organisation has the resources and expertise to outperform consistently in every market and across all asset classes. Providing access to the best managers the team has selected is one of UBP’s key skills – it has worked with an open architecture for over twenty years to build its fund of funds offering.


  • A long-only, balanced solution using three different risk profiles
  • A team of experienced investment professionals using a proprietary investment process
  • The strategy favours and brings together skilful managers that have specific and identifiable characteristics
  • Alpha generation achieved through manager selection and blending investment styles
  • Active portfolio and risk management, focusing on the benefits of decorrelation

Investment philosophy and process:

We look to invest in a concentrated fund of funds portfolio of 20-30 high-conviction funds sourced from within the whole universe of long-only UCITS funds using our proprietary manager selection process.

The best funds within each “behavioural group” are then singled out and thoroughly analysed.

The funds are matched to three different risk profiles which refer to the median exposure to global equities (30/50/70), and the remainder is invested in fixed-income funds.

Blending managers with a no-nonsense approach is imbedded in the team’s DNA. Although it is often overlooked, this aspect is of paramount importance when successfully managing a fund of funds.


Fund of Funds Offering

  • Multifunds Allocation driven by predefined risk budget (30/50/70)
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Didier Chan-Voc-Chun – Team Head

Didier joined UBP in 2011 as a Head of Asset Allocation. Before this he gained a great deal of experience in several positions in London and Paris. Didier holds an MSc in Engineering Mathematics and a Certificate of Financial Analyst from EFFAS & SFAF.

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In 2018, UBP started a collaboration with the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL), a pioneering institution within the University of Cambridge working with influencers to build a sustainable economy.