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Cross-asset solutions provide access to non-traditional strategies, whether they are based on investment themes, liquid & stable returns or hedging.

The UBP Cross-Asset Solutions Team is a dedicated team of specialists, including quantitative analysts, with extensive experience and a proven track record. The team uses a state-of-the-art, in-house quantitative platform which enables them to provide in-depth studies adapted to clients’ specific needs.


Our innovative Cross-Asset solutions focus on the following three pillars:

  • Investment theme-related
    • Opportunities to participate in megatrends (e.g. “Car of Tomorrow”, sector disruptions)
    • Opportunities arising from specific events (e.g. reforms, elections)
  • Liquid, stable return strategies aiming at providing absolute and relative outperformance by using diversification
    • Across different asset classes
    • Through a risk premia-oriented approach
  • Hedging strategies offering portfolio protection against market downturns with a cost-effective approach compared to a static hedge

Investment philosophy & process

Whether dedicated or commingled, each Cross-Asset solution is efficiently constructed by relying on:

  • A highly liquid and scalable investment universe
  • A focus on risk management
  • A blend of quantitative and qualitative approaches

Cross-Asset Solutions

  • Investment themes
  • Liquid stable returns
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Global Head of Cross-Asset Solutions

Philippe Henry

Philippe joined UBP in 2017. He previously ran the global wealth structuring team at Deutsche Bank in London. He is a graduate of French engineering school Ecole Spéciale des Travaux Publics, and holds a postgraduate diploma in Finance from HEC Paris.

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Senior Portfolio Manager

Geoffroy Gridel

Geoffroy joined UBP in 2011. Previously he worked for Société Générale, first in the Hedge Fund Structuring team, with volatility arbitrage programs. He graduated from French engineering school Ecole Ponts et Chaussées and holds a postgraduate diploma in Applied Economics from Sciences Po.

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