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Our commitments

Our commitments
A responsible bank

For Edgar de Picciotto, discreet and effective commitment has always been a moral imperative for UBP. At his initiative, and following his example, the Bank has made it a point of honour to embody his sense of social responsibility when carrying out its work. For several years now, UBP has supported a number of diverse projects in the fields of culture, education and research. It also promotes community projects and sustainable development.

Socially responsible investing (SRI)

Since 2012, UBP has been a signatory to the UN’s Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI).

Similarly, in an effort to raise client awareness about the challenges faced by society today, the Bank is committed to integrating and promoting environmental, social and corporate governance issues into its investment decisions.

Investing in training

UBP strongly believes that its future depends on the talent of tomorrow, and so invests heavily in training. Every year, in addition to the continuing professional development programmes it offers to its staff, UBP takes on a number of young students to give them their first immersive experience of the world of work.

The Bank also supports projects developed by emerging young talent in the fields of the theatre, classical music, and the audiovisual media. As a family business, UBP encourages innovation, entrepreneurialism and creativity in the younger generations, especially those innovating financial technologies.

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Union Bancaire Privée was founded in 1969 by Edgar de Picciotto.

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