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Analysen 20.06.2018

A fresh look at global fixed income opportunities

On 26 June, the first edition of our Investment Insight Summit in Zurich addressed pressing topics within the asset management industry. In her keynote speech, Christel Rendu de Lint talked about global fixed income opportunities and strategies.

Analysen 20.06.2018

Managing political risk in EM

There are around 80 countries in which we can invest, so we may have to contend with up to 20 elections a year. This does not call for being either cautious or bullish, but for being politically aware and having a process for assessing political risk. In our case this means understanding the economic impact of different outcomes, working out which ones have been priced in, and monitoring opinion polls.

UBP in der Presse 19.06.2018

Genfer Privatbank UBP expandiert in Zürich

NZZ am Sonntag (17.06.18) - Von Daniel Hug und Albert Steck.

Die Union Bancaire Privée hat die verwalteten Vermögen in Zürich in fünf Jahren verdoppelt. Patron Guy de Picciotto fordert freien Zugang zum EU-Markt, den er heute nur über Umwege bearbeiten kann.

Analysen 14.06.2018

Initial Thoughts on Trump-Kim Summit

Tame market response to the summit is accurately priced, in our view, with still low expectations of a real breakthrough in the near term to trade the ‘peace dividend’ or ‘economic reconstruction’ themes.

UBP in der Presse 12.06.2018

UBP's takeover of Banque Carnegie

The Luxembourg Times (05.06.18) spoke to Michel Longhini, CEO of private banking at UBP, about the acquisition, the strategy in Luxembourg and the potential for more takeovers.

Analysen 26.05.2017

The time is right for convertible bonds

The beginning of a trend

UBP in der Presse 14.09.2017

«Wir müssen definitiv härter arbeiten»

Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) - Guy de Picciotto, Chef der Genfer Privatbank UBP, glaubt, dass die Finanzbranche ein neues Kapitel aufschlagen könne. Die Schwierigkeiten der Vergangenheit seien gelöst. Für die Banken bestehe nun die Chance, alte Stärken auszuspielen.

UBP in der Presse 12.09.2017

Fünf Fragen an Norman Villamin

NZZ am Sonntag (10.09.2017) - Interview with Norman Villamin, Chief Investment Officer (CIO) Private Banking and Head of Asset Allocation.

Analysen 11.06.2018

Why Value Investing is not Dead in Japan

In this paper, we will take a closer look at what could be the drivers or catalysts for value stocks to come back into favour.
Pressemitteilungen 05.06.2018

Neue Strategie auf alternativer UCITS-Plattform der UBP

Die Union Bancaire Privée, UBP SA («UBP»), lanciert in Partnerschaft mit Cheyne Capital Management (UK) LLP («Cheyne Capital») eine neue Equity-Arbitrage-Strategie auf ihrer alternativen UCITS-Plattform. Die auf alternative Anlagen spezialisierte Verwaltungsgesellschaft Cheyne Capital hat ihren Sitz in London. Dies ist der vierte Fonds der alternativen UCITS-Plattform, deren verwaltete Vermögen nun mehr als CHF 700 Millionen betragen.

Analysen 01.06.2018

Navigating choppy waters

After strong growth in Q4, activity was relatively weak in Q1, particularly in developed economies. Where is the global economy going in the next quarters?

Pressemitteilungen 31.05.2018

UBP übernimmt Banque Carnegie Luxembourg

Die Union Bancaire Privée, UBP SA (UBP) und Carnegie Investment Bank AB (publ) haben heute den Abschluss einer Vereinbarung bekannt gegeben, wonach die Union Bancaire Privée (Europe) S.A. die Banque Carnegie Luxembourg S.A. (BCL) übernehmen wird. Die Akquisition, deren Abschluss im vierten Quartal 2018 erwartet wird, unterliegt der Zustimmung der zuständigen Aufsichtsbehörden.

Analysen 30.05.2018

Q&A on Italy and the Eurozone

Elections in Italy, and also probably in Spain, could refuel political risks in the eurozone, as these elections have the potential to turn into an implicit referendum on the eurozone.

Analysen 29.05.2018

SMIDs continue to offer good investment opportunities

Small and mid caps (SMIDs) have been outperforming large caps since the beginning of the year and many factors are in place for this solid trend to continue.

UBP in der Presse 28.05.2018

Unconstrained active bond managers prove their worth

Agefi Indices (May 2018) - The upturn in market volatility in early 2018, along with the gradual return to normal in inflation and interest rates, is working in favour of active bond managers.

Sponsoring 24.05.2018

Community engagement: UBP teams up with Alaya

UBP is pleased to announce that it is teaming up with Alaya, with the aim of promoting greater staff community engagement. To learn more about this initiative, watch the interview with the co-founders of Alaya.