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UBP in der Presse 03.03.2023

Higher volatility sparks hedge fund comeback

Bilan - Pierre Novello (27.02.2023) - In 2022, after a lost decade, hedge funds once again saw the turbulent conditions that suit them so well.

Analysen 23.02.2023

Adapting Advisory portfolios to the improved fixed income outlook

As a decade of yield repression comes to an end, building a fixed income portfolio with an acceptable yield has become an easier task. Given a deteriorating economic background and hawkish policymakers, we believe in harvesting the attractive yields offered by short-term quality bonds, which currently have the best risk-return profile.

UBP in der Presse 22.02.2023

UBP CEO: The skills private bankers need to survive in 2023

Asian Private Banker (17.02.2023) - Decades ago, private bankers could survive with a limited investment skill set and a good network, but today they have to master several layers of expertise on top of relationship management skills, Guy de Picciotto has observed.

Analysen 21.02.2023

Japan’s equity market: small is beautiful

The steep fall in valuations that started at the end of 2021 disproportionately affected the innovative growth segment of the Japanese market. With the stronger yen, companies that are less vulnerable to global cycles could prove to be the ones to consider.

Corporate 16.02.2023

UBP hosts Swiss Climate Foundation meeting

One year after joining the Swiss Climate Foundation, UBP was pleased to host its members for their first Advisory Board meeting of 2023.

UBP in der Presse 15.02.2023

2023 könnte das Jahr der Hedgefonds werden

Le Temps (30.01.2023) - Die Erfolgschancen von Hedgefonds sind im aktuellen Marktumfeld besonders gut. Unter diesen Voraussetzungen empfiehlt es sich, ein Portfolio um ein diversifiziertes Engagement in Hedgefonds zu ergänzen.

Pressemitteilungen 02.02.2023

UBP erweitert Angebot an liquiden alternativen Anlagen in Partnerschaft mit Brigade

Die UBP bietet auf ihrer alternativen UCITS-Plattformeine neue  alternative Anlagestrategie in Unternehmensanleihen an.

Corporate 01.02.2023

Investing in the future: The mobility of tomorrow

As technological advances and new lifestyle habits are proliferating amidst rising environmental and social pressure, incorporating the future into decisions can unlock huge economic opportunities.

Analysen 31.01.2023

Spotlight on Growth Momentum in Asia

With UBP’s Investment Outlook 2023 wrapping up its global roadshow, our Asia Senior Economist Carlos Casanova takes stock of the major macroeconomic events that marked 2022 in and around China and looks ahead to the landscape unfolding in 2023.

Pressemitteilungen 23.01.2023

Geschäftsergebnis für das Jahr 2022

Die Union Bancaire Privée weist eine Zunahme des Reingewinns um 4,5% auf CHF 210,4 Millionen aus.

UBP in der Presse 17.01.2023

Die Attraktivität der Vermögensplanung angesichts wachsender Kundenmobilität

Le Temps (16.01.2023) - In einer von immer grösserer Unsicherheit geprägten Welt denken mehr und mehr Privatbankkunden über eine Umsiedlung oder eine Zweitresidenz im Ausland nach.

UBP in der Presse 12.01.2023

UBP in Asia: 2022 round-up and 2023 objectives

Asian Private Banker (12.2022) - UBP Asia CEO looks back at 2022 and forward at 2023

UBP in der Presse 11.01.2023

Alternatives enter a new era

L'Agefi (16.12.2022) - Having played a supporting role while rates were low, alternative investments came back into the limelight when markets struggled in 2022. UBP’s Kier Boley went into it for us.

Analysen 09.01.2023

The case for Chinese onshore convertible bonds

The Chinese onshore convertible bond market is the second-largest in the world. It has soared dramatically since early 2017 due to regulatory changes promoting more transparent financing. It is dominated by mid- and large-cap names offering diversified and balanced exposure to domestic Chinese growth.

Analysen 06.01.2023

COP 15: Historic agreement beats expectations, but implementation is key

The long-awaited second part of COP 15 (the UN conference on biological diversity) has concluded, with some substantial commitments, but no real fanfare.

UBP in der Presse 04.01.2023

Towards a change of cycle

Delano (12.2022) - For Patrice Gautry, Chief Economist at Union Bancaire Privée (UBP), 2023 should mark the beginning of a new cycle that he hopes will be based on healthier foundations than the current one. This will take a few more months. In the meantime, he believes that bonds are regaining real interest.