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Corporate 16.02.2016

Camerata Venia

Camerata Venia

Union Bancaire Privée is active in promoting classical music and its rising stars by supporting classical music ensemble Camerata Venia.

This ensemble showcases young talent and plays a vast array of pieces that are not broadly known to its audiences and brings them to the public.


"At first I wondered whether a string orchestra would manage to create all these ‘heroic’ effects that Chopin had intended. But the musicians played it really well, and even produced sounds with their instruments that you wouldn’t imagine possible."

Mélodie Zhao
Soloist Piano for Camerata Venia

"I recently performed with Camerata Venia as a soloist, playing the Concerto for Marimba by Emmanuel Séjourné, a French composer and percussionist. It’s very dynamic (as are the players!) and a complex piece."

Damien Darioli
Soloist Marimba for Camerata Venia


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