Union Bancaire Privée, which was founded in 1969 by Edgar de Picciotto, specialises in private banking and asset management. UBP is a family-owned company, driven by an entrepreneurial vision, innovation and independence. With a Tier-1 ratio of 28%, it is one of the most strongly-capitalised private banks.

As an asset-management specialist, UBP is committed to providing innovative investment solutions suited to the new market environment, with the highest levels of service quality and transparency. The Bank strives for performance and the preservation of capital, and develops innovative, traditional and alternative product ranges for both private and institutional clients.

In order to offer its clients the best products and services and to strike the best risk/return balance for its investors, UBP relies on an extremely high level of risk-management expertise. The Bank continues to promote outstanding corporate governance across the financial industry by employing a highly rigorous selection process for its investment vehicles.

Being family-owned has enabled UBP it to maintain its independence whilst seeing remarkable growth in the space of a generation. Following a series of selective and successful acquisitions our Bank is now active in more than twenty locations around the world. The Group’s headquarters are in Geneva, with branches in Zurich, Basel and Lugano completing its Swiss footprint.

UBP employs 1,350 people and had CHF 94.8 billion (USD 106.9 billion) in assets under management as at 30 June 2014.

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